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Tsinghua University Science Museum

To advance the research of history of science and technology, establish platforms for Interdisciplinarity studies, inspire creativity, Tsinghua University started the Tsinghua University Science Museum (TUSM) project in 2018. The Museum, once completed, will open to students and faculties of the university, as well as the public. It will also serve the purpose as calling awareness of importance of the historical articles along the development of science and technology among the community.


This museum in development will be the very first comprehensive “Cabinet of Curiosities” in Chinese universities. The museum will locate between Tsinghua University Art Museum and Academy of Arts & Design, with a construction site of 15,000 square meters, and total exhibition areas of 7,000 square meters. There will be three permanent exhibitions, displaying the historical articles from China, from rest of the world, and the ones part of Tsinghua. There will also be areas for temporary exhibits.


The current exhibits that are on display at the temporary location include Bacle Sewing Machine made in France in 1880s, Husun Sextant made in England in 1930s, Chinese Typewriter made in Shanghai in 1984, and Nano-level Thickness Measurer made in Tsinghua University in 1994.


To support the collections, TUSM set up the Tsinghua University Science Museum Development Fund (TUSMDF). TEFNA has decided to support TUSMDF and TUSM project.


Use of the fund:

The fund will be used in construction of the museum, purchasing of equipment, acquiring collection items, displaying arrangement, research and studies, public awareness, cultural and creative design, training, and digitalization of exhibits.


How to donate:

1.    Please use the Make A Gift button or click here for all ways to give. Please leave your name and email in the notes

2.    TEFNA accept any amount of donation intended for TUSMDF.

3.    Please check with your employer for matching your gift.

4.    Please contact for any donations above $150,000.

5.    Donors are also welcomed to help TUSM acquire items in the TUSM wishlist. The object will be named after its donor, permanently.



1.    TEFNA will issue tax receipts for your donations

2.    TUSM will issue a “Friend of TUSM” certification as an appreciation.

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