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    Student Global Exchange Scholarships

Study broad helps students build global view, and that will benefit them regardless of the roles they will take in the future. The university is dedicated to integrate the overseas experiences into students’ undergrad educations, encouraging each and every one participates in intercultural exchange and global innovation cooperation.


Use of the fund:

Tsinghua University Student Global Exchange Scholarships support both undergrad and grad students for short-term exchange, and joint degrees.


The scholarship will cover partial or full costs for these programs. We hope that we can have your support to help the students achieve their goals.


How to donate:

1.    Please use the Make A Gift button or click here for all ways to give. Please leave your name and email in the notes

2.    TEFNA accept any amount of donation intended for Student Global Exchange Scholarships.

3.    Please check with your employer for matching your gift.

4.    Please contact for any questions.

5.    Upon approval, a named scholarship can be established for donations $35,000 and above. Please contact us for more details.


       TEFNA will issue tax receipts for your donations

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