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Physical Education Development Fund

Without sports, there is no Tsinghua

Tsinghua University has a long history of sports tradition among students and faculties. Department of Sports Science and Physical Education (DSSPE), founded in 1912, is celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2022. DSSPE has been offering physical education, cultivating sportsmanship, and promoting sports culture campus wide. It also has been leading the sport teams winning medals in both domestic and international competitions.

2022 is also marked as 140th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Ma Yuehan, the long-time Dean of DSSPE. To celebrate both anniversaries, we call on all alumni, who have been inspired by, Work for 50 Years in Good Health, to donate to the Physical Education Development Fund.



Use of the Fund:

To support the development of DSSPE. Please contact if you are interested in supporting a specific program or sports team.

How to Donate:

Please go to or scan the QR code for detailed information




Donors will receive tax receipts from TEFNA.


Thank you to all alumni for your kind donations!

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