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Position Title: Director of Finance and Operations


Job Duties:


Financial Management

  • Serve as key officer to provide financial planning, analysis and operational insight to support President and Board’s decision-making.

  • Generate year-end financial and Grant reporting.

  • Develop and monitor protocols for accounting department.

  • Connect with local accounting and auditing firms and make recommendations to Board Audit Committee when necessary.

  • Oversee foundation’s banking relationships and investment management. Review the investment report on monthly or bi-weekly basis.

  • Work with auditors on annual tax filing.

  • Maintain complete and accurate supporting information for financial transactions, including donations records and fund transfers; provide timely reporting on the financial activity of individual projects; collate financial reporting materials for all donor segments.

  • Work with Finance and Auditing committees to establish, enforce, and improve financial management policies.

  • Manage reserve funds and investments.

  • Communicate monthly and annual financial statements with President and board members.

  • Review and approve all account reconciliations, journal entries and reports prepared by the accountant.

  • Serve as the foundation’s primary liaison with its independent auditor to ensure the annual audit is completed smoothly and in a timely manner.

  • Prepare program/project financial reports for donors.

  • Review program/project reports submitted by grantees.

  • Prepare annual budgeting and planning process; manage all financial plans and budgets; monitor and report progress and changes.

  • Monitor day to day accounting and financial operations, including accounts payable and receivable general ledger, financial statements, payroll, vendor management, audit and tax preparation, and banking.


Financial Planning

  • Setup short and long-term goals in light of existing and planned programs, and the foundation fundraising forecast.

  • Build relationship with donors, peer foundations and consultants to anticipate donor behavior changes, and prepare reports as recommendations for fundraising activities.

  • Keep up with new trends in the financial industry and in the economic environment by attending conferences and speaker series, participating in professional development. Report important information to the President and the Board.

  • Prepare data and reports for external audience, such as foundation’s website and social media publications.


Financial Data Management and Organization

  • Handle insurance, IT, office space, employee benefit, and other vendors’ contracts and negotiations to best serve the foundation’s financial needs. Prepare report for President’s approval.



  • Work with audit team to make sure the annual audit is in full compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and funder requirements.

  • Periodically review all applicable federal and state regulations, ensure the organization follows financial, legal and labor regulations and requirement.

  • Update and revise internal control policies and procedures as needed to follow organization requirements.

  • Review and implement all necessary new technical accounting guidance recommended by accounting and auditing personnel, in order to be in accordance with IRS and California regulations.

  • Update and renegotiate multi-year grant agreements with donors when there is a change in regulations.

  • Assess organizational controls for audit compliance.

  • Create and maintain organizational financial and operational policies for new employees.

  • Administrate the organization’s insurance policies, ensuring identified risks are adequately addressed.

  • Monitoring for potential risks and evaluate and put in place solutions.

  • Coordinate matters with legal counsel, including contracts and grant agreements as appropriate.

  • Responsible for the timely annual filing of federal, state & local compliance documents and reports.

  • Suggest changes of the bylaw when necessary.


Minimum Requirements:
Master’s in finance
2 years work experience as a Financial Analyst


Specific Requirements: Familiar with and/or experience in the following:

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Sensitivity analysis and modeling

  • Risk appetite analysis

  • Financial policies and procedures analysis

  • Capital budgeting techniques

  • Donation and donor management software including: QuickBooks, SalesForce, Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Donation platforms, including Benevity, Cybergrants, Fidelity Charitable, Netsuite


Location: 1601 McCarthy Blvd. Suite 8, Milpitas, CA 95035


Contact: Xuan Fu at

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